Runaways #1 Review

As frustrating as it is to see the Runaways franchise remain dormant for so long, can you really blame Marvel? So much of the appeal of the original series boiled down to the creative mojo between Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona. It’s telling that even bringing a writer as beloved as Joss Whedon on board wasn’t enough to keep the momentum going once the original creators left. At long last, Marvel seems ready to give the team another go. And the results are promising, even if this series may have limited appeal for those not already familiar with the characters.

The new volume of Runaways features a mix of new and familiar for Marvel readers. YA novelist Rainbow Rowell joins forces with Captain Marvel artist Kris Anka for a series whose main goal seems to be bringing the old gang back together. Even the late Gertrude Yorkes, whose death proved to be the single most devastating moment in the Vaughan/Alphona run, and who’s apparent resurrection at the end of the previous series has been an open-ended mystery ever since. This first issue is concerned almost exclusively with tackling the Gert dilemma and explaining her return.

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